October 21, 2012

A new  type of terror has taken the form of arson, bombings and sabotage  in the name of saving the environment and its creatures. These destructive acts have been called ecoterrorism.

At least a hundred major acts of this type have occurred in many countries around the world with damages. Such crimes speed up the deforestation on the use of animals for fun and food.

Surrounding some village forests have been burned down, transformed into a pasture for huge herds of cattle. These people have been burned down the forest for their own interests. But they have derived  many people of oxygen which is the motion or the engine of the life!

These acts are considered terrorist acts because they involve violence intended to change the behavior of individuals and institutions or to alter public policies. Limited recently, crimes in the name of environmental protection had a limited local impact and drew little attention. But targets have grown larger in recent years.