Thank You!

September 3, 2012

Thank you for your work and sacrifice; you give yourself to those who are outside your group and with who you have absolutely nothing in common. You do it out of kindness, not for recognition or glory. Please just continue to teach people how to cook using the energy form the sun until the knowledge will cover the earth as the water covers the sea.

Thank you very much, I received $100 you sent me thru UNHCR. Since I arrived here in2000, I have never drunk a bottle of coca cola or milk, I have never eaten meat, because of lack of money. To me these things were a dream, now I can also buy a few of them. Today I ate like a king – the dream is alive!



August 25, 2012

orangutans called ‘Man of the Forest’  Orangutans belong to the order of great apes, as do gorillas and chimpanzees. These gentle hermitlike creatures live in the forests. Their name is made up of two Indonesian words: organ and hutan meaning ‘man of the forest’ Orangatans are experts at camouflage, melting like shadows into the forest canopy. On the ground they move slowly, humans can easily outpace them. These animals spend almost their entire life in the treetops, and they are the only great apes to do so. Most evening, around sunset, they select a strong forked bough, gather small branches and twigs and build a cozy new bed. Trees also provide orangutans with their favorite food-fruit. They have an excellent memory and know exactly when and where to find ripe fruit. Also on their menu are leaves, bark and shoots. Some environmentalists say that orangutans are slipping into extinction – among the main threat is deforestation

Our Planet

August 25, 2012

Our Planet has a Fever!  The Earth has a fever. The symptoms are showing – the deforestation, the pollution of smoke caused by burning firewood. The reason why we ask the SHE organization to intervene with the HotPot solar ovens. . .because if we don’t, ‘it’ can cause the end of the world which was not the plan of God. Grace to trees, oxygen exists which makes life possible for men as well as animals to sustain their lives by breating. Oxygen is vital to human beings as food and water are to the human body. So the dangers posed by deforestation are nearly as dire as those posed by nuclean weapons. Surely, we can see with our own eyes that out planet has a fever – but the SHE organization is a cure in many ways . . . just cook or pasteurize water in a HotPot solar oven.  Just try it – it works!