Inside a Refugee Camp

October 21, 2012

Refugees need hot pots instead of firewood to cook their food. Six times a week, they go into the bush or farms to collect the biomass. They leave the camp early and return by midday to avoid ferocious animals who would devour them.

They walk a total of nine or ten kilometers each time to collect firewood, and need about eight hours to find enough firewood on biomass, for their family’s needs. The load that each one carries back weighs between eleven to thirteen kilograms.

The hot-pot can protect people from being killed by snakes, ferocious animals on from being bit by bees. Yes indeed, the hot-pot is, and will be always ready to deal with the situation. Cooking with biomass on firewood is not good because they cause more problems, like diseases and other problems and that’s not good either…


4 Responses to “Inside a Refugee Camp”

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  2. I came here thinking something else, but this interested me regardless. Enthusing stuff!

  3. Not what I was thinking but superb anyway! Congrats!

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