Hope for a New Beginning

October 21, 2012

Dear Meyer,

I am writing to you regarding your assistance which brought me the hope in my life. During the war and pillage, a prevalent motto among the Congolese youth was: You can steal our possessions, but you can never steal what is in our brain.

Today that motto gives us the courage to pursue studies and acquires something that nobody would even be able to steal- knowledge. Knowledge is power! I will be proud to succeed academically…

Yesterday it was the war; Terror; escape; starvation. But tomorrow it will be a new beginning,new home, and new hope,  all thanks to you Louis Meyer. Your assistance makes me feel better and useful. I suffered a lot in life… But through your assistance- better times just ahead! What you have done for me will not lose its value with the passing of time…

Here in the refugee camp, planning for the future was a forgotten luxury. Now, my tears of  suffering have turned to tears of joy. Since you have accepted to help me, I guess that the future will be brighten than the past- you are the one who makes it happen. Before that my suffering was a destiny, but now I consider it as a coincidence on a period of the life. Hungry, however remains a harsh needy for people living in the refugee camp. Here, of the food which is given by UNHCR finish before the end of the month, we will be hungry  for days- not to mention the bitten cold. I know of others who search the dust bin for food. But for me, through your help it seems that there is hope.

No matter how uncertain the future might be, hope keeps moving towards it… It wants long and lovingly, for that which is not apparent. Beyond all that meets the eye, hope hopes to keep on hoping, waiting for the gift of God’s constant coming…As of Martin Luther King Junior said ” Everything done in this world is done by hope“. Yes indeed the hope makes someone to live.

I lost everything during the war, that is except the one possession that nobody can take away: hope. The indestructible hope of one day finding a place to  rebuild my life … A place to call home…One day I will forget my past because of your mercy. But the result of your assistance will live on.. God will pay in return for what you did for me. What we do in life echoes in eternity!

Looking back during the war, my life had turned out very differently from what I had dreamed of in my youth… But your assistance has brought me the greatest happiness possible now and marvelous hope for the future… Life becomes more bearable  with the help and comfort that you have offered.

Many people suffered a lot during the war. Some of them had watched in heaven as their family members were being killed, burned or buried alive. Some were cut in little pieces and some were being raped in their presence. Many women and young girls were infected with HIV/AIDS involuntarily. Just imagine they cut someone  in front of you. Even if that person is not your family member- just imagine what you will feel psychologically. During the war I saw how much the pregnant women suffered…

I saw terrible things during the war, many people died. I still struggle, even though this occurred over 14 years ago. At times, I have recollection of the of the carriage I later as and realize how close to death I came. I will never forget that Monday morning… My memories during the war was filled with traps to forests and mountains. Today, sometimes when I think about what happened-I have goose bumps!

Words cannot express my gratitude to you. I thank you a lot. I also thank our God because is a God of love. He has demonstrated that love by giving us his word- the Bible. It is as if he has written us a personal letter to guide our steps. Sometimes I need the Bible all night long until the morning sun peeked through the window.

Thank you once again dear Meyer for helping me to keep my fame of hope alive… One day I will look in the past and say that: ” heart broken by my cries – Meyer brought me to America- She is a charitable person”. I will never forget what you did for me, I will always be grateful. Because an act of generosity never becomes rotten!

Long time back, I was actually very unhappy- lost and disappointed with my life. Deep down, I knew that something was missing… Now, drawing close to your help has helped me to cope with feelings of abandonment. You have given me a sense of belonging by bringing me with people like Alejandra Lorenzo- Chang.

Through this letter, I would like to thank you because of your contribution you have made to the spread of solar cooking. Many people around the world feel the same way about you.
One final note: Thank you once again for working hard at your career, making a name for yourself in the history of solar cooking. I respect your knowledge. Thanks again for helping me- I know that is not the hand who gives but the heart…


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