Tribute To The Hot Pot Solar Oven

October 20, 2012

Every working day the sun rises so that you can cook easily. So we must leave the verb to give to be conjugated by the sun. Because the sun gives its energy without asking something in return.

I’m the sky, the sun, sources of all energies are still saying that ” The way to cook without spending money is open to everyone having hot-pot at home”.  We can see with our own eyes that the hot-pot plays a crucial role. Added to that, cooking using the hot-pot is a natural means to fight deforestation and pollution. Indeed it is environmentally friendly.

If SHE does not act, people will be trapped in to be slaves of firewood. Last week, when I was cooking, the firewood smoke made a big sign in the sky with the D-shaped. The firewood describes to me, in telling me that, the letter D means Deadly. On the contrary, the hot-pot whispered to my ears and told me that D– shaped means Diseases, and Death. In other words, that is Dangerous for our own health, and the environment.

Yes we can see that through the hot-pot many lives will be saved. So we agree that, to compare the hot-pot with the firewood is like trying to navigate the streets of New York using a map of Paris.

We are annoyed that we had wasted so much effort in the past trying to stock a lot of firewood in hope to cook easily. At last we have discovered that the firewood smoke is very  Dangerous. Now, as we know the truth, thanks to SHE, not in the least would we use again the firewood.

If the hot-pot was a person, it might be awarded the marshal medal; for its fight to protect the environment and his fight against some Diseases. Does the hot-pot work or is it just a theory? The answer is just try it and it works… Can the hot-pot cooks? The answer is a word “YES”. Yes indeed the hot-pot deserves to be thanked.


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